Las Vegas Domestic Violence Attorney

OverviewDomestic Violence is Not Always Reported

The state of Nevada is ranked as one of the worst states in the U.S. when it comes to Domestic Violence. Metro Police took over 60,000 calls last year from people who were being assaulted or had been assaulted by someone in their household.

Who Falls Into the Description of a Domestic Violence Abuser and Victim?

On Oct. 20, Las Vegas Sun reported a 52-year-old man had stabbed his ex-wife to death in their home. Jodi Joyce suffered from direct wounds to her chest, by James Joyce, who then stabbed himself in the abdomen to use as a cover. Jodi Joyce died immediately and James Joyce is in the hospital with extremely critical injuries.

The reality is that this case is fairly common in domestic violence, but many cases are not reported. Nevada Statutes NRS 33 explains different scenarios where the
violence does not fit into a husband/wife profile.

The violence could very well be hidden as in other situations, such as a wealthy neighbor who hides the bruises and beatings, so they won’t appear in the society section or a quiet husband who is too ashamed to admit his wife punches when the doors are closed or the woman who endures the beatings of her female partner who loses her temper or even the grandmother who gets pushed around by her impatient son, but keeps her smile.

If any of these situations are familiar or you have assaulted someone in your family, and been charged with domestic violence, you need a skillful lawyer to represent the case in court. Call Potter Criminal Defense at 702-997-1774.