Las Vegas Criminal Defense Lawyers Must Weigh the Risks of Going to Trial

criminal1Many people who have been arrested are anxious to have their day in court, particularly if they feel that they’ve been wrongfully accused. What people tend to not understand is that a trial is risky. If things go wrong, they may be faced with losing years of their life.

Even with an experienced, capable Las Vegas criminal defense attorney, trial comes with risks. They are controlled by complex rules and procedures. Most of these protect the defendant. However, there are times when these rules seem to favor the prosecution. This means that some key evidence may have to be left out or that the situation gets presented in a way that is contrary to reality.

These are the risks that defense attorneys have to weigh when deciding whether or not to take their client’s case to trial. The reality is that most criminal cases are settled without going before a jury. Sometimes that’s because the defense lawyer is able to present compelling facts that undermine the prosecution’s case. This leads to either a reduction of the charges or complete dismissal.

Contact the Potter Law Offices to learn more about criminal defense in Nevada. It may be possible to resolve your case without going to trial.

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