Las Vegas Criminal Defense Attorney

Criminal Defense: Las Vegas

At any time, Las Vegas residents or tourists may suddenly find themselves in need of immediate legal assistance. There are multiple reasons why a person might be charged with a criminal offense in Nevada. No matter how devastating this experience may be, it is critical to get legal advice as soon as possible. Too many people still think that being charged with a crime means that they will automatically be found guilty by the court. In fact, the lack of legal representation causes more convictions than any other factor.

To understand how this works, think about the complex terminology used in legal proceedings. A Potter legal defender is your voice in the courtroom. We are charged with ensuring that your legal rights are enforced at all times. This creates an incredible amount of leverage, but we can represent you only if you contact us.

The most common defense strategies include:

• Discovering irregularities during the arrest
• Researching the circumstances of the event in question
• Aggressively leveraging for a reduction in the charges

Although these are some of the most common strategies, this list is by no means comprehensive. By contacting us for a complimentary case evaluation, we can help you understand your options before you commit to a course of action.