Las Vegas Crime Statistics

Policeman in uniform with sunglasses on gray backgroundThe Potter Law Firm Has Benefits for the Client

With over two million residents in the city of Las Vegas, it is not surprising that the majority of crime in Nevada takes place here. Las Vegas has a crime index of 13, which means the crime rate of Las Vegas is safer than 13 percent of the cities in the United States. Your chances of becoming a victim of violent crime in Vegas are 1 in 127 while the odds in the entire state of Nevada are 1 in 166. There are 181 crimes per square mile in Vegas annually and 23 in the state of Nevada. The average total crimes per year are 41 in 1,000, and if you are one of those who are charged, then you should obtain a criminal defense trial lawyer quickly.

Cal Potter started the Potter Law Firm in 1984. The 80s and 90s were thriving years for Las Vegas, and Cal Potter spent his time developing a successful law firm that was a benefit for his clients. As he gained experience as a criminal defense lawyer, his natural characteristics of confidence and charisma in the courtroom emerged, and he gained tremendous wins. His knowledge of the law and his talent as an attorney began to develop and his reputation grew.

Along with his personal growth as a trial attorney, he was fine-tuning his law firm into a conscientious staff that exercised expertise in research, computer skills, investigational skills, but above all, still had compassion for the client.

The Potter Law Firm is not a corporate structure of many attorneys, but Cal Potter has carefully selected a legal staff to assist him in every case. This contributes to the efficiency and quality of the work on your case. The Potter Law Firm adheres to the highest standards, which is a major reason why Cal Potter takes on the most difficult cases.