Las Vegas Credit Card Fraud

Las Vegas: Credit Card Fraud

If you are charged with a crime in Las Vegas, your immediate response should be to contact one of the experienced lawyers practicing at the Potter Law Firm. We specialize in Las Vegas criminal law, and we can tell the difference between a serious case and charges that have little standing in court.

When we analyze your situation, we initially determine if there is sufficient reason to have the charges dismissed. This is our first line of defense because experience shows that many court cases do not make it to the final stages. Charges of credit card fraud should not be allowed to proceed without a high level of scrutiny!

Credit card fraud is a widely defined term in Las Vegas, and the legal definition itself can be confusing. Within the Nevada legal code, credit card fraud can be used to describe a variety of activities, including:

• A legitimate transaction that occurred with full intent to pay back the charges.

• Stolen credit cards or identity theft with no intent to pay the charges.

• Fraudulent information supplied on a credit card application.

Many of these situations are ambiguously defined, and this can lead to reasonable doubt. The prosecution must find the accused guilty beyond a reasonable doubt, so it is imperative that your defense lawyer ensure that all of your rights are upheld. Some prosecutors might seek to circumvent your rights if they are motivated by professional career goals. Our job is to ensure that your rights are not curtailed for any reason.

Give us a call if you need criminal defense if Las Vegas today!

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