Las Vegas Credit Card Fraud

Video Transcript Below – Credit Card Fraud in Las Vegas

A frequently asked question is dealing with a parent who has become a victim of credit card usage by a member of their family.  What’s important to remember is that you have two different here.  One is dealing with your ability to pay the cost if it’s not reported to the authorities from the credit card company, and secondly, if you report it to the police, what will happen to your loved one?

Frequently, in the state of Nevada, an individual who commits credit card fraud is charged with not only committing credit card fraud but also the more serious crime of a burglary.  In the state of Nevada, they recognize that if you enter a premises – such as a store, to commit illegal usage of a credit card then you’re also liable for a burglary.  So there are ramifications – not only financially as to your credit card, but in reporting a theft, you could impact upon your loved one’s ability to face very serious criminal as well as facing restitution on the credit card.