Las Vegas Controlled Substance Lawyers

One Possible Crime on a Reservation

One Possible Crime on a Reservation

Controlled Substances Violations have High Stakes for Nevada Offenders

Under Chapter 453 of the Nevada Revised Statute, controlled substances are anything that has a “stimulant, depressant or hallucinogenic effect” for which a person does not have a valid prescription. It can include both legal and illegal substances, with an exception being granted for the medical use of marijuana.Controlled substance violations range from mere possession to manufacturing and trafficking. Merely possessing a drug is generally considered to be a less serious offense than trafficking or manufacturing is. The type of substance and amount in one’s possession can play a part in how severe charges are as well. Doctors and pharmacists who dispense certain medications illegally can also be charged with a controlled substance violation, and may face the loss of their professional license.

A defendant faces probation, community service, and mandatory drug and alcohol counseling, in addition to significant fines and penalties for even a first offense. Committing an offense near a school or any other area where children regularly gather will increase the penalties as well.

Controlled substances charges can often be plea bargained to a lesser offense, or dropped altogether if the evidence is tainted. Rather than represent themselves, individuals should seek experienced counsel to help them assert their rights.