Las Vegas Child Pornography Charges

The Dangers Associated with Child Pornography Charges

In an effort to crack down on child pornography, the Nevada legislature passed Assembly Bill 88 in 2008. This law increases the scope of child pornography charges, making it illegal not only to possess or promote it, but to actively search for it as well. This law also provides for civil relief for child victims to cover physical and psychological injuries.
While child pornography charges have stiff penalties, there are a number of reasons why an innocent person could be accused of this crime. An individual could be the victim of hackers, or used computers could contain images on their hard drives that are not completely wiped off. In their zest to arrest offenders, officers sometimes commit entrapment when talking in chat rooms with alleged perpetrators, in which case charges are not valid.At any rate, facing child pornography charges is tough because of the social stigma associated with them. Even after a “not guilty” verdict is rendered, individuals could face a hard time making friends, finding a job or locating suitable housing.

To mitigate the damage, it’s important to have an aggressive attorney fighting for the rights of the accused. In Las Vegas, help is available from the Potter Law Firm.