Las Vegas Cell Phone and Driving Laws

Can I Use My Cell Phone While Driving?

These days most people won’t leave the house without their cell phone, tablet or other device. While it’s wonderful to be able to stay in touch while you’re out, it also pays to be aware of the times and circumstances in which it’s illegal to use a cell phone in Nevada.

NRS 484B addresses illegal cell phone usage. Essentially, it is illegal to call or text while driving, but the law is actually more specific than that. It prohibits drivers from “handling” cell phones and other electronic devices while they are behind the wheel. If you are using headphones or a Bluetooth device that allows you to communicate without removing your hands from the wheel, then it’s perfectly legal to use your cell phone.

Keep this same distinction in mind if you plan to use a GPS app on your cell phone while driving. Program your destination into the phone before starting the car, and consider using a mounting device so that your phone can be easily seen while you’re driving. This way, you won’t have to touch your phone while navigating and you’ll stay on the right side of the law.

If you’ve been cited for illegal cell phone use, you may benefit from speaking with a defense attorney.