Las Vegas Casino Markers

Las Vegas: Casino Markers

Residents of this state and visitors alike find Las Vegas casinos to be a popular attraction. They are also situated in the center of a hub of activities involving the law. Tourists and travelers are often under the impression that the laws in this state are somehow less strict than other states; however, this is simply not true.

Just like other states, ignorance of the law is not an acceptable excuse for violating it. Sometimes people do not take casino marker debt seriously and as a result may find themselves facing criminal charges. Casino marker debt in Las Vegas is treated in a similar manner to the way loan debts are treated in other states.

There are several ways for individuals to become involved in a legal problem while visiting Las Vegas:

• Obtaining markers without intent to pay back the loan
• Giving false information in order to obtain casino markers
• Identity theft or other fraud used to get markers
• Failure to pay back the debt incurred by the use of the markers

Because there are many elements involved in casino marker cases, the issues arising in court can be surprisingly complex. No matter how simple your case may appear on the surface, it is never worth the risk to go into court without legal representation. With Potter Law at your side, you will have the best legal defense against any wrongful actions taken against you. This could occur during the arrest or during the court proceedings.

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