Las Vegas Casino Marker Lawyer

casino-marker1NRS 205.130 deals with casino marker laws. It’s a code that doesn’t exist in many other U.S. states. Nonetheless, it is excessively important to the Nevada legal system.

Nevada courts and casinos take gambling debts very seriously. They regard casino markers so seriously, in fact, that they rarely hesitate to prosecute. It’s a situation that is certainly distressing for the casino patron, but their circumstances are not necessarily bleak.

With the help of a casino marker lawyer in Las Vegas, anyone who has an unpaid gambling debt or is being accused of having not paid a casino marker can fight the charges. It may still be a time consuming process, but no one should face this situation without competent legal counsel.

In Nevada casino marker cases, the District Attorney effectively takes on the role of debt collector. It’s frightening for anyone to receive a demand for payment, especially from a department as official as the District Attorney. The situation is only made more distressing with the realization that the District Attorney’s office actually receives a part of any funds paid for the unpaid casino marker.

No citizen should have to fight the District Attorney without a casino marker lawyer in Las Vegas at their side.