Las Vegas Casino Marker Attorney

casino-marker1Las Vegas is a city unlike any other. It shouldn’t be surprising then, that Nevada has had to come up with a few laws that are virtually unheard of in other states.

Among these laws is NRS 205.130. This is the Nevada code that deals with gambling debt, otherwise known as casino markers. Whether you live in Las Vegas or are only visiting, any gambling debt you may accrue and leave unpaid can carry serious legal consequences. In fact, infractions of NRS 205.130 can carry both civil and criminal penalties. That means that the state can sue over unpaid markers and so can the casino that holds the marker.

Hiring a casino marker attorney in Las Vegas is your best means of defense. A Nevada casino marker lawyer can help you understand how casino markers are defined under state law, and the options you have for fighting casino marker charges.

Defenses for NRS 205.130 can be complex without the assistance of a skillful, knowledgeable attorney who focuses their practice on Nevada casino marker law. However, an experienced casino marker attorney in Las Vegas can help you defend your rights and achieve a satisfactory resolution. Contact a Nevada casino marker lawyer today to explore your options.