Las Vegas Bank Robber Pleads Guilty

Woman involved in Idaho Standoff Pleads Guilty in Federal Court 

A woman accused of robbing two Las Vegas banks made her first court appearance after a standoff in Idaho that led to her arrest. Hollee Raechel Johnston, 39, of Colorado entered a guilty plea in U.S. District court to robbing two branches of U.S. Bank, one of which occurred using a weapon.

After robbing the banks, Johnston and her boyfriend Ronald Rice then traveled to Idaho, where they reportedly committed other thefts. Police eventually caught up with the couple, who led them on a car chase to a motel in Bliss, where they were cornered in a parking lot.

Rice attempted to surrender by exiting the getaway vehicle, a 2010 Nissan Xterra, with his hands in the air, but was allegedly shot by Johnston while trying to do so. She was then shot by police, and taken into custody. Idaho police claim that the injuries to both Rice and Johnston were relatively minor. Johnston was eventually extradited back to Las Vegas, where a grand jury indicted her of the charged in June.

Johnston is now awaiting sentencing, which will take place early next year. As a part of her plea agreement, she has offered to pay back more than $2,400 that was taken during the bank heists.

Bank robbery is defined at 18 U.S. Code Section 2113, which allows for a fine and prison term of up to 20 years for an offense. The term increases to 25 years whenever a weapon is involved in the commission of the crime.