Las Vegas Arson Attorney

criminal1Hire an Experienced Las Vegas Arson Defense Lawyer

If you’re charged with arson, your facing jail and expensive fines. NRS 205 deals with crimes against property like arson. It may seem like you don’t have many options for defending yourself, but that is where an experienced Nevada arson attorney comes in. They understand how difficult it is for the prosecution to successfully present a case for arson.

An experienced Las Vegas arson defense attorney knows that a person cannot be convicted of arson for accidentally setting a fire. The prosecution must present evidence that shows that the fire was maliciously and deliberately set. This is difficult to do. Knowing this, your defense attorney can look for the holes in the prosecution’s case.

It is sometimes possible to have arson charges reduced to reckless endangerment, which is considered a gross misdemeanor. The consequences are far less serious for reckless endangerment when compared to arson. On the other hand, the prosecution may not really have enough evidence to carry through with a trial all the way to the end. This means that the charges may be dropped.

Contact the Potter Law Offices if you are facing charges under NRS 205. Our experienced Las Vegas criminal defense lawyers will present an aggressive defense against all charges.

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