A Las Vegas Appeals Attorney Can Get A Conviction Overturned

Clients are often surprised to learn that not every lawyer is equipped to handle appeals. The reality is that appeals are quite different from typical court proceedings. Accordingly, it’s essential to work with an attorney who is experienced when it comes to handling appeals in Las Vegas.

The American court system, and the various state, county and municipal courts, are generally configured to be just and fair. Unfortunately, judges and juries are human, which means that mistakes can be made. When a defendant feels certain that the justice system has not dealt appropriately with their case, then they may make an appeal to a higher court.

Appellate court is not especially like the typical federal, state and municipal courts. It has an entirely different set of rules and procedures, and this requires that appeals attorneys in Las Vegas develop a different set of skills and techniques. For instance, oral arguments in appeals courts are the exception rather than the rule. Most arguments and legal points will be made in writing, which means that it is vital to hire a Nevada appeals lawyer who is a particularly adept writer.

Much like ordinary lawsuits, appeals are subject to several strict deadlines. The appeal must usually be filed within 30 days of the Notice of Entry of Judgment, and additional deadlines fall due shortly thereafter. Accordingly, it is crucial for the defendant to waste no time when it comes to contacting a Las Vegas appeals attorney.

Some of the most commonly appealed cases in Nevada are related to criminal convictions. Categorized under NRS 177, these appeals must be handled with the utmost care. An appeal may be filed if the trial was unfair or conducted inappropriately. Perhaps the sentence was excessive or the guilty verdict represents a miscarriage of justice. It is only through an appeal that a guilty verdict can be overturned, which means that the defendant will not have to serve the rest of their prison term or pay the imposed fines.

The first step toward overturning a conviction is finding a competent attorney. Contact an experienced Las Vegas criminal appeals lawyer today.