What is Las Vegas Alternative Sentencing?

In Nevada, even a minor infraction like a speeding ticket could involve jail time. Of course, if everyone who was convicted of any crime within the state was sentenced to serve time, the jails and prisons would be terribly overcrowded. That’s why the courts will often sentence an individual to pay fines, make restitution or serve a term of probation.

Las Vegas judges can also select “alternative sentencing.” “Alternative sentencing” means that the convicted individual will be punished for a crime, but not with the traditional fine and jail sentence. The idea behind alternative sentencing in Las Vegas is all about helping people to make better, more constructive life choices so that they don’t end up in a similar situation in the future.

When alternative sentencing is imposed in Las Vegas, it means that the defendant will be sentenced to perform community service, attend educational classes or complete a rehabilitation program. Defendants who receive this type of sentence are required by state law to pay all expenses that are associated with it. Accordingly, if the rehabilitation program or educational class charges a fee, then the defendant must pay it.

Alternative sentencing sounds like a preferable choice when compared with jail time and fines. Nonetheless, not all crimes are eligible for an alternative sentence. The ones that are usually eligible are misdemeanors like shoplifting, prostitution, drug possession or simple battery. Drunk driving, when no major injuries are involved, is also generally eligible for alternative sentencing.

Because alternative sentencing typically offers a better outcome for the defendant, competent defense attorneys know to request it from the judge. Alternatively, the prosecution will sometimes make it available as part of a plea deal. Only a capable, experienced Las Vegas criminal defense attorney will be able to offer advice regarding whether an alternative sentencing is appropriate for a specific case. After investigating, your attorney may believe that the prosecution will not be able to get a conviction, which would mean that an alternative sentencing request is unnecessary.

Talk to an experienced Nevada criminal defense lawyer today about your case. They can help you with alternative sentencing issues in Las Vegas.