Keeping Kids Out of Gangs

ICARE Pledge Hopes to Curb Gang Recruitment

In an effort to prevent children from becoming involved in gangs, the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department has initiated “ICARE”. This stands for integrity, courage, accountability, respect and excellence, and is a pledge not to become involved in not only gangs, but other criminal activities as well.

The ICARE pledge can be found on the LVMPD website. Among some of the things children agree to do when taking this pledge include avoiding bad language, smoking, alcohol, drugs, tagging, and displaying graffiti.

The pledge even goes as far as to encourage kids not to associate with known gang members, to include adding them as friends on social networking sites. Children will also agree not to dress in gang colors, display gang symbols or throw up gang signs.

Technology is addressed by ICARE as well, as the pledge asks children to choose what they watch on television carefully. It also has them vow not to visit the websites of known gangs, and to avoid listening to music that glamorizes gang life, encourages violence or is disrespectful in any way to others.

The ICARE pledge is not distributed through the school system. Instead, officers ask that parents take the time to download the pledge and then talk about the hazards of becoming involved with a gang with their children.