Juveniles and Firearms Charges in Las Vegas

Juveniles and Firearms in Nevada: Circumstances and Exceptions

The best way to fight the charge of illegally carrying or using a firearm in Nevada is to understand the various legal issues that might be involved in your case. Although the law regarding minors operating firearms might at first seem obvious, closer scrutiny reveals quite a few nuances in the Nevada legal code. One potentially problematic area involves correctly classifying the situation. For example, Nevada law has two basic categories for this offense:

  • Juvenile Possession/Use of a Firearm

When dealing with a minor charged with illegal use of a firearm in Nevada, our main goal is to keep their record clean. Since there are certain circumstances in which a child may be permitted to handle a firearm, it is important to contact our legal defense lawyers as soon as possible after the arrest. This will enable us to examine the extenuating circumstances that might result in a reduction of the charge or even a dismissal of the case.

  • ¬†Juvenile Hunting/Fishing

Recreational hunting and fishing are rather popular in Nevada. All adults must have a license in order to hunt or fish. However, the rules for minors who use firearms to hunt and fish are more complex. They must meet a checklist of conditions in order to operate the firearm legally.

The conditions surrounding the use of the firearm are as important as the age of the person involved in an incident. Contact us today for a free case evaluation if you or your child is arrested for using a firearm illegally in Nevada.

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