Juvenile Law Lawyers in Las Vegas

When juveniles face criminal charges in Las Vegas, it can be a particularly heartbreaking situation. Frequently, it’s difficult for parents to even believe that their minor child has gotten in trouble with the law. The temptation to minimize the issue is common. Unfortunately, juvenile offenses can follow your child for many years unless they are handled appropriately. Contacting juvenile law layers in Las Vegas is crucial if you want to protect your child’s interests.

When a minor is accused of a crime in Las Vegas or elsewhere in Nevada, it’s important that you find an attorney who has experience with juvenile criminal matters. Such a practitioner is familiar with the process that is used for juvenile delinquency cases in Nevada and for all cases that are pursued through the Juvenile Justice System. If your child will be tried in adult court, then it is even more imperative that you enlist the services of a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney sooner rather than later since the potential punishments may be far more severe.

If minors are found guilty of criminal behavior, then they may be sentenced to a period of detention at the Clark County Juvenile Hall. Some youths may even be forced to spend time at juvenile correctional facilities such as the ones at Caliente or Elko. As if being incarcerated isn’t bad enough, some juvenile crimes will remain on your child’s permanent record until they reach the age of 30. This can seriously limit the minor’s ability to attend the college of their choice, find employment or even rent an apartment. What was once a future without limitations is now hemmed in by restrictions.

The most serious juvenile crimes may be moved from the juvenile system to the adult court. This is an extraordinarily dangerous situation that may see a minor being sentenced to a term in an adult jail or prison. The resulting record is extremely damaging to the juvenile’s future prospects in virtually every respect.

Contact juvenile law lawyers in Las Vegas immediately if your minor child has been arrested. The outcome of these cases is often improved by the early involvement of an experienced defense attorney.