Juvenile Crimes

Juvenile Court in Las Vegas: Potter Attorney at Law

Parents of young people who are arrested in Las Vegas face unique challenges in navigating the legal system. At Potter Law, we are committed to making sure that you don’t have to face those battles alone.Court procedures involving juveniles can be obtuse because of the sheer volume of cases. We do not want this to happen to you. When you are with a Potter Law attorney, your case will not be lost in the mix, becoming just another file number. We do the legal legwork so that you have the best chance of minimizing the damages to your child’s future.

Even with our help, you will face significant challenges, many of which are related to the intensity of your feelings about what is happening. Some of these feelings may even have to do with the background that might be triggering the child’s behavior. With all of this going on at the same time, it can be very difficult to keep your head during a legal proceeding. This is why a Potter Law defense is so invaluable.

Working together, we may be able to:

  • Minimize the damage caused the child’s arrest
  • Fight aggressively to reduce/dismiss charges
  • Explore options even if the verdict is unfavorable.

Even if the court decides against you, that does not mean that all is lost. There are many options available to families who are willing to do the hard work of participating in the rehabilitation of a minor offender.

Our negotiation skills in these matters will provide you with the assurance that every possible option has been exercised at the end of the day.The most effective response when your child faces charges in Las Vegas is to mount a legal defense as early as possible. Do not wait any longer when we can offer you a free case evaluation today.