Juvenile Being Tried as an Adult?

Crime SceneWhen a Juvenile’s Case Is Moved to Adult Courts

The Clark County District Attorney’s Office has certified 15 year-old Christopher Brown as an adult so he can be tried in connection with the shooting death of a 24 year-old female. Cassandra Cassidy was outside her workplace when she was shot. Minutes before the shooting, Cassidy was approached by two young females who said they had accepted a ride from three males who were supposed to drive them to the home of one of the girl’s parents. However, the males were aimlessly driving around, and when one of the girls spotted a gun they both ran from the car. As Cassidy let one of the girls use her phone, the car drove past the group with one of the passengers opening fire.

The suspect who allegedly fired the shots turned out to be Brown, whose mother brought him to police to surrender. Despite his age, officials believe that the charges against him are sufficiently serious to warrant a trial in adult criminal court.

Brown is not the only underage individual to be facing charges in a Nevada criminal court. In fact, NRS 62B.390 addresses the question of whether or not juveniles may be tried as adults in the state. When a child is tried and convicted in criminal court, they may be headed to juvenile hall and they may also be facing a lifetime of difficulties getting the education and employment they need. A reputable Las Vegas criminal defense attorney like the practitioners at the Potter Law Offices can help keep a minor’s case in juvenile court or fight for their rights in criminal court.