Jury Duty, Do I Have to Go?

Why It’s Important to Heed a Jury Duty Summons

For most people, jury duty is a pain. Who can afford to take time out to spend days at the courthouse? When a jury summons arrives it’s tempting to ignore it, but be forewarned. There can be serious consequences.

Under Nevada laws, a failure to appear for jury duty is covered under NRS 6. The law says that any registered voter is subject to be summoned for jury duty. The summons provides them with clear instructions about how to respond. Usually, two to four days of service are all that’s required. Most people don’t even get to sit in on a trial.

There are circumstances under which a person may be excused from jury duty. The person wishing to be excused has to call a designated phone number before their service is supposed to start to ask for permission. However, if someone receives a summons and simply ignores it, the penalties can be quite harsh.

A person who ignores a summons is held in contempt and fined $500. If the person was summoned to federal court, they can be fined $1,000 and may face three days in jail. There may be extenuating circumstances. If this is the case, it may be helpful to hire a criminal defense lawyer like the team at Potter Law Office. They can ensure your rights are protected if you are charged under NRS 6.