JFK Assassination Conference Today!

Vegas Conference Explores JFK Assassination 

This past November marked the 50th anniversary of the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. During the years, there have been a number of “conspiracy theories” concerning the event, some of which even tie Las Vegas gangsters to the crime. A half century later, panelists are coming together at UNLV to discuss the events, and no theory is out of bounds for this committee.

The conference, scheduled for January 31, 2014, is dubbed “The Last Word on the JFK Assassination.” Filmmaker John Barbour of Henderson created a documentary entitled “The Garrison Tapes”, which detail the efforts of a Louisiana prosecutor to bring charges against a name named Clay Shaw for conspiring to kill President Kennedy in 1963, and then shift blame to Lee Harvey Oswald.

In making this documentary, Barbour hopes that future generations will be able to learn of Garrison’s work and make their own determination as to what actually happened. He claims that 50 years from now, the only films that may be available are his documentary along with the original Zapruder film of the assassination.

In planning the event, Barbour aimed to have panelists interact with members of the audience in order to share theories. Jim Marrs, the man who wrote the book about Garrison that was eventually turned into the movie “JFK”, which was produced by Oliver Stone was selected because of his research. Jefferson Morley, a former Washington Post report was tasked with moderating the event. Those who are unable to attend the conference may view a feed of it online