Is Your Trial Lawyer Credible?

C. J. Potter

C. J. Potter

If You Don’t Have a Trial Lawyer with Credibility, You Don’t Have Much

When it comes to your defense, there are few trial lawyers in Nevada that have better qualities or more experience than Cal Potter. Cal lives by the motto that all people deserve to have their day in court and that the United States would run more efficiently if more attorneys practiced that. Cal Potter opened the Potter Law Firm in 1984, so he has over three decades of experience as a criminal defense attorney, and when you’re looking for a trail lawyer to win your case, experience matters.

An excellent trial lawyer is identified by certain traits that are often innate and typically very evident. When you are born with these traits, a lawyer becomes an expert trial attorney when he/she hones them until they become a part of his skill set. As an experienced trial lawyer, Cal Potter began developing his trial and research skills with his first case, and today he is an expert in his craft. The AV rating gives Mr. Potter the highest ratings as does the ratings from his peers.

A trait that must be foundational for a trial lawyer is credibility or trust. Cal Potter works every day in the legal system trusting clients, judges, jurors and the opposing counsel and being trusted by these same people. Being trustworthy is necessary for effective representation, and one can only earn it over time. Mr. Potter has been representing criminal defense clients in Las Vegas for 35 years.

When Mr. Potter makes a promise to you, he keeps that promise, and you can count on it. If you have been charged with a crime, call the Potter Law Firm and schedule a free consultation. At this meeting, you will be able to discuss the details of your arrest, and learn from a credible source what your rights are in Nevada.