Is Your Neighbor Running a Grow House?

Signs your neighbor may be Running a Grow House 

With Las Vegas police recently uncovering a number of marijuana grow houses, many people here are now wondering whether there may also be grow houses in their own neighborhoods. Here are some telltale signs that might indicate someone in your area is indeed operating one.

Grow houses consume a great deal of electricity. As a result, operators may tamper with electric meters or use generators in order to avoid tipping off the power company. Another sign of a grow house is air conditioning that runs excessively during the summer months, or operates even when temperatures are cool outside.

In addition, lights must remain on day and night, so homes containing marijuana-growing operations typically have the windows completely covered so this will not be detected by neighbors. If you have neighbors that never opens the blinds, they may be keeping them shut to avoid having illegal activity detected.

Homes used as “grow houses” tend to have exteriors that are not well maintained. If your neighbor has an unkempt yard, but you notice bags of fertilizer or compost lying around, these materials could possibly be needed for purposes other than lawn maintenance.

Grow house operators are normally reclusive, and may not leave their homes often. In addition, when coming or going at night, they may enter via an alternative exit such as a garage or back door.

These signs do not necessarily indicate the presence of a grow house; however, the more signs that are present, the higher the likelihood that one exists. If you suspect a neighbor of operating a grow house, do not confront that person yourself, but instead provide information to metro police.