Is Your Attorney Ready to Handle Your Trial?

potter 012Interpersonal Skills are a Defense Lawyer’s Strongest Asset

Someone who has been charged with a felony in the bustling city of Las Vegas should realize that with all the added glitz and glimmer about the city, there will be an abundance of lawyers to compensate for the extra activity. This means that many of the lawyers will not have the experience and skills that Cal Potter has accumulated over 30 years as an impressive trial attorney. It takes time, diligent work and thousands of cases to develop expert legal skills in a professional trial lawyer.

One of the top skills of a successful criminal defense attorney is using interpersonal skills. A lawyer deals with people all day long, but more than that they must be able to read people in an instant. Everyday Cal Potter meets with clients, manages his staff, deals with other lawyers in different agencies and government offices, but most importantly, he represents you in a court of law. Above all the interpersonal relationships that he conducts on an everyday basis, he must be able to effectively read the emotions in a situation so that he can respond appropriately for your case.

If a trial attorney does not have these skills or has not won enough cases to hone them into valuable assets, then he or she may miss a significant detail in the case, which could mean the difference between freedom and incarceration. No detail can be ignored or lost especially when the case is yours, complicated and confusing or high-profile.

Mr. Potter is drawn toward complicated cases because he is assured of his abilities and his relationship skills. He knows when he must be aggressive, and when he should be kind, and he does both well. When a client meets Mr. Potter in the law firm, he knows immediately that Cal Potter is accustomed to assessing and handling every situation with confidence. Contact Mr. Potter for a free consultaion.