Is Your Attorney Confident in a Trial?

potter 012Confidence is a Key Characteristic in a Trial Lawyer

Surprisingly few people charged with crimes know how to select the right lawyer for the specific situation. There is no way to look at a professional and know if they could be the best attorney for your situation. You have to dig deeper to see what makes him tick. There are clues that lead you in the right direction, such as identifying the difference in practices. No one would ever choose the same attorney to draw up a will as they would to represent them in a court of law on drug trafficking (NRS 484) or casino fraud (NRS) charges. Certain characteristics, like confidence, are key in an expert trial attorney.  Believe it or not, most attorneys do not even go to trial, the attorneys at the Potter Criminal Defense team excels in the courtroom.

Cal Potter is an experienced trial attorney who thrives on the complicated cases of drug possession (NRS 484), trafficking (NRS 484), violent crimes (NRS 200), casino markers (NRS 205), robbery (NRS 205), battery (NRS 200) and felony DUI/DWIs (NRS 484). Mr. Potter has been practicing law for over three decades, and he has the confidence both in himself and in his trial skills to expertly try a case and have the outcome be positive. Confidence is one of the certain traits that is required for a criminal defense attorney to succeed.

After three decades practicing law in Las Vegas, Mr. Potter has proven his success rate in the courtroom, and he is confident in his abilities as a trial lawyer. During the trial, the attorney makes hundreds of decisions and assessments concerning both the progress of presenting his evidence as well as the pace, timing, mood of the court, the value of the prosecutor’s evidence and the element of time. As a confident trial lawyer, Cal Potter takes all these split second decision in stride, and that is one of the reasons behind his consistent ability to bring successful outcomes.