Involuntary Manslaughter in Las Vegas

Negligence and Involuntary Manslaughter

Being charged with involuntary manslaughter under NRS 200.070 is frightening. Usually, someone who is charged with involuntary manslaughter had no intention to hurt anyone. Yet now they face several years in prison.All states have laws similar to NRS 200.070 that prohibit killing a person without an intent to do so. If the person was killed while another person was committing a crime, then they may be charged with involuntary manslaughter. However, even a person who is acting within the law can face similar charges if they acted negligently.

What kind of scenarios might lead to involuntary manslaughter charges? Most crimes under NRS 200.070 are the results of accidents. One example is playing with a gun that accidentally goes off, killing someone nearby. Another example is a child who ingests poison after the accused left it out where the child could get it.

Without a doubt, these are tragic events. A moment’s inattention may cause you to lose several years of your life. Even worse, you’re left to deal with guilt and pain, feelings you may experience for the rest of your life.

As tragic as these circumstances are, you’re still entitled to be defended in court. The criminal defense team at Potter Law Offices has years of experience dealing with charges under NRS 200.070. Hire a competent Las Vegas defense lawyer to ensure that you’re treated fairly in court.