Internet Crime Defense in Las Vegas

The idea of Internet crimes was almost laughable just a few years ago. As more people turned to the Internet on a daily basis, the number of Internet crimes increased. When you face a similar charge and live in the Las Vegas area, Cal Potter is here to help.

Internet crimes refer to any crime that involves the use of a computer and an Internet signal. These crimes can now include activities that use a tablet or a smartphone. Some of the more popular Internet crimes include:

*Sex crimes
*Credit card manipulation
*Identity theft
*Cyber stalking

Depending on the severity of your crime, the court can forbid you from working around computers or using the Internet at home. Many of the cases we handle include sexual activities. If you exchange photographs or information with someone under the legal limit, you can face statutory rape charges and possession of child pornography even if you didn’t know the person’s age.

The Law Office of Cal Potter has years of experience helping people get out of bad situations. Regardless of the charges you face, it’s important that you seek help as soon as possible. After looking at the evidence and reading more about the charges, we can decide the best way to defend you. In addition to defending you, we will work hard to ensure that you understand the potential penalties you face and what you can do today to reduce those charges and avoid those penalties. Scheduling a free appointment is easy when you call our office.