What To Do Immediately After a Las Vegas DUI Arrest

Most people feel bewildered and confused in the aftermath of a DUI arrest in Las Vegas. They don’t know what to do, and that has a tendency to make them avoid taking any action at all. This is unfortunate, because acting quickly in the wake a DUI charge can make a significant difference in how the case goes.

After you have been arrested, make it a point to see or speak with someone you know well as soon as possible. Talk to a friend, relative or coworker at some length so that they can judge whether or not you are slurring or mumbling. Police likely will testify that your speech was impaired at the time of arrest, but your friend’s testimony may convince the judge or jury otherwise.

It also is sensible to make a detailed itinerary of the events leading up to your arrest as soon as you can. Include everything that you ate and drank, who you were with and where you went. All of these details may be pertinent to your case, and it can be hard to remember specifics and details months after the event.

It might make sense to gather evidence to go with your itinerary. Receipts show what you drank and when on the day of your arrest. This will support your side of the story, and you never know when one small fact can make a huge difference in your case.

Gather your witness, itinerary and evidence, and take them to your consultation with a qualified DUI defense attorney in Nevada like the practitioners at Potter Criminal Defense. Your efforts will make it that much easier for your attorney to start a vigorous defense at the earliest opportunity.

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