Illegal Marijuana Cultivation Means Serious Penalties

Bush of a hempA June 11 police raid in the Rhodes Ranch community broke up a marijuana growing operation. One of the bedrooms in the rental house was being used to grow 50 illegal plants. Along with the plants officials say they found evidence suggesting that marijuana was being sold. The man living at the address was not a medical marijuana patient, and he is being held in jail.

It’s likely that this man will face charges under NRS 453.3393, which is the law against cultivation of marijuana in Nevada. While laws against growing and using marijuana are relaxing in other states, they have yet to do so here. A person who does not have a valid registration card for marijuana cultivation and is caught with more than a dozen plants may face between one and four years in prison and perhaps $5,000 in fines. Additionally, they may be made responsible for the cost of cleaning up the grow facility.

There are defenses against NRS 453.3393, but it’s essential to hire competent legal counsel first. The criminal defense team at the Potter Law Offices has represented individuals accused of an illegal marijuana grow in the past. With their assistance you may be able to have the charges against you reduced or dropped.