Identity Theft in Las Vegas

Identity Theft a Growing Concern for Vegas Tourists

Travelers to Vegas are often just as concerned about the possibility of identity theft as they are hotel or flight cancellations. Opportunities for identity theft abound on the strip, but here are a few tips vacationers can practice to reduce their odds of being taken advantage of.

Do not keep more credit cards than necessary with you. Instead, choose one or two that you would like to use, and then keep the rest of them at home. Upon arriving at your hotel, lock up your important papers and credit cards so that hotel staff cannot obtain access to them. Never carry your Social Security card or paperwork containing this number in your wallet or purse.

Notify your credit card company that you plan to be in Vegas. Many of them are now monitoring suspicious activity more carefully than ever before, and may deny a transaction if they feel it could be fraudulent. By letting them know you are here, you can reduce the risk of this happening. Be sure to call them when you return home so transactions won’t continue to be authorized if someone has inadvertently lifted your personal information.

Identity theft is a serious crime that could result in extended jail time if convicted. If you’re accused of an identity theft crime, you can seek advice from the Potter Law Firm.