Identity Theft Charges in Las Vegas?

Identity Theft Charges are Serious-Get Help from the Potter Law Firm 

Identity theft is a growing concern, which is why the Nevada legislature has enacted laws against it. Nevada Revised Statute (NRS) 205.463 prohibits people from using the personally identifying information of another individual to obtain credit, services or property by fraud. Aiding and abetting another individual in the commission of such an act is also prohibited.

Identity theft is considered either a Category B or C felony, depending upon the circumstances. Extenuating circumstances that could increase the severity of the charges include five or more victims or stealing the identity of an elderly or otherwise vulnerable person. Those charged with a Category B felony face up to twenty years in prison, while defendants charged with a Category C felony could receive a two to five year sentence. Both categories are subject to monetary fines.

To be found guilty of identity theft, the prosecution must show beyond a reasonable doubt that the individual knowingly committed said acts, and that the victim did not give permission. A lack of intent along with implied consent for certain transactions can sometimes be used as affirmative defenses against charges of identity theft. Individuals accused of this crime can obtain a free consultation by contacting the Potter Law Firm.