Idaho Fugative in Las Vegas

Idaho Fugitive found in Vegas Tunnel

A fugitive from Idaho was discovered holed up inside a Vegas tunnel after his case was featured on “America’s Most Wanted”. James Ambrose was located in a makeshift camp underneath a local street last week. This happened after a local informant tipped a Las Vegas police officer as to the fugitive’s whereabouts. Apparently, Ambrose had been secretly hiding in this tunnel since around May of this year.

Once local police received this credible tip, a manhunt ensued in order to apprehend this suspect. When police stumbled upon their target hunkered down in his hideaway, they began questioning him as to his identity. Ambrose may have been tipped off that his profile had been featured on America’s Most Wanted because he initially gave investigators a fake name when he was questioned. Officers didn’t believe him and continued to press him to come clean. Ambrose finally caved under pressure and revealed his true identity, at which time he was placed under arrest.

Although Ambrose is under investigation for an Idaho murder, he was also wanted by local authorities as well. He is wanted for burglary, battery with a deadly weapon, and robbery here. After being apprehended, Ambrose was taken to the Las Vegas jail and booked on these charges. Police officer Steve Reese credits “good old-fashioned police work” for the capture.

Now that Ambrose is behind bars, he’ll eventually have his day in court when it comes to his Nevada charges. Only time will tell how soon he might be extradited to Idaho to face the murder charge he has pending in that state.