Human Trafficking in Las Vegas?

Action Needed to curb Human Trafficking in Vegas

The U.S. Justice Department has named Las Vegas as one of the 17 most likely destinations for human trafficking in the United States. Human trafficking is a serious problem, with the DOJ estimating anywhere between 17,000 and 20,000 people being brought to this country against their will each year. Out of that number, it’s uncertain how many of them eventually wind up in Las Vegas.

Tourists and locals alike can help stop the spread of human trafficking by becoming aware of some of the common signs associated with these victims. A few of these include:

• Workers who cannot come and go freely
• Individuals under 18 performing paid sex acts
• Working excessively long or unusual hours
• Extreme security measures at a workplace or residence
• Individual seems anxious, fearful, or overly submissive to superiors
• Individual seems malnourished or in poor health
• Not in control of own finances or bank account
• Appears unaware of what city he/she is in

Those who suspect human trafficking is taking place should not confront the alleged perpetrators on their own. Instead, this information should be passed along to the Anti Trafficking League Against Slavery (ATLAS) department within the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department. Those who have information can submit an anonymous tip by calling 702-385-5555.