Human Traffickers in Las Vegas?

Kidnapping has a new face in society, and it is called Human Trafficking. Human Trafficking is a complex, brutal, demoralizing crime that claims mostly women and children at over 28 million victims worldwide. Nevada and the streets of Las Vegas are also involved with this commercial sex and slave trade industry.

Metro Police Department has rescued over 3,000 sex victims since 1996, and the truly horrifying statistic is that they have also recovered 107 children with the help of the National Human Trafficking Resource Center Hotline. Were any of this children yours?

This ia a crime that is very difficult to track because the traffickers maintain a strict cloak of anonymity for the users as well as the victims.

Former Nevada Attorney General Masto dedicated her term in office to making a difference in the horrible crime. She passed Assembly Bill 67, which went into effect on July1, 2013.

This law was established to save the children and adults who have been rescued and works with them to create a better life. It allows the victims to be eligible for state assistance and to sue their traffickers. This assistance is a tremendous step to those who were involuntarily forced from their lives.

The same fraud, deceit, violence, and coercion stem from kidnapping. A first-degree kidnapping charge is found defined under NRS 200.310 – .320. A Category A felony is found among the worst crimes, so penalties start at 15 to 45 years and move to life in prison. The more often a trafficker can be brought to trial, the less Nevada and the rest of the country will have to endure the results of their crime.