Huffing Still a Serious Crime Concern in Vegas

Huffing still a Major Concern among Vegas Teens

Huffing hasn’t received much attention lately, but that doesn’t mean it’s still not a problem. Since the items used for huffing are readily available, individuals can easily take part in this activity virtually undetected. Teens are especially vulnerable to trying this act, which can result in brain injury or even death.

Parents are advised to look for some of the warning signs that might indicate their child is huffing. Some of the effects of huffing include slurred speech, dizziness and nausea. Those who huff on a regular basis could also be affected by a loss of appetite, and subsequently lose a great deal of weight. Huffing can also lead to a strong chemical-like odor on the breath or body, which may be noticed shortly after a huffing incident.

Other things to look for include paint stains on a teen’s clothing or hands or rags soaked with chemical substances around the house or garage. An excessively large number of empty aerosol containers could also be an indicator that a teen is engaging in huffing.

Some jurisdictions have reported children as young as six years old engaging in this activity, which has caused numerous deaths over the years. It seems that girls are even more likely than boys are to try it. Parents must remain ever vigilant in order to protect their children from the dangers associated with huffing.