How Vegas Connects to the JFK Assassination

The Vegas Connection to the JFK Assassination

In the 1970s, John Barbour was a well-known actor and star of the television series Real People. He also was an opening act for popular Vegas entertainers such as Robert Goulet and Bobby Darin. What many people do not know about John Barbour is the fact that he has ties to one of America’s most famous prosecutors, Jim Garrison.

Garrison was the only prosecutor to bring charges against an individual in connection with the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. His investigation and subsequent trial was portrayed in the movie JFK. Long before Hollywood told the story of Garrison, John Barbour was attempting to get the news about this investigation out to a wider audience.

Barbour claims that he twice tried to get the news about Garrison’s investigation out to the mainstream media, but each time his attempts were thwarted. He also claims that the New Orleans conspiracy investigated by Garrison has ties to Las Vegas as well. According to Barbour, the assassination plot against Kennedy began with the CIA recruiting Vegas mobsters to kill Fidel Castro. He believes that some of those same individuals were later involved in Kennedy’s death.

While he was largely unsuccessful at drawing attention to Garrison’s work, he did create a documentary that has been widely received. Titled “The Garrison Tapes”, parts of it can be viewed on his official website