How to Start the Probation Process in Las Vegas

Overview of Probation

A criminal court can sentence you to probation instead of sending you to prison. You will be under the supervision of a probation officer. To successfully complete the conditions of your parole, you must demonstrate individual responsibility to your probation officer and adhere to the rules established by the court. Failure to follow the rules can result in a violation that invalidates the terms of your release. The court can revoke your probation. It’s easy to violate the terms of your probation because the conditions of your release are very strict.

The court may order you to attend certain classes or programs as part of your probation, such as traffic school, community service or alcohol and drug treatment. Failure to attend or successfully complete these programs constitutes a violation. You need to find and hold gainful employment. This demonstrates that you want to be a productive member of society. Keep all your scheduled appointments with your probation officer. Notify the probation office if you’ll be late or need to miss an appointment for work or health reasons. You can be charged with absconding if you fail to appear at these meetings. Pay your fines and make any restitution.

It’s essential that you contact an experienced defense attorney if you’re charged with violating your probation. You are entitled to have legal representation at your probation hearing.