How to Handle Federal Charges in Las Vegas

Defending Against Federal Charges

The federal government and Nevada have numerous overlapping criminal laws. There are laws against extortion, forgery, larceny and theft. Most crimes are prosecuted in the state courts using state laws. Federal crimes usually focus on violations related to the federal government.

Prosecution can take place in federal or state courts for the same criminal acts. If you are charged with violating a federal statute in Nevada, you will be tried in the federal district court. The penalties are more severe for federal offenses. One example of the difference in penalties is the federal mandatory minimum sentences for drug-related offenses. You need the assistance of an experienced criminal defense Las Vegas attorney.

An alleged offender is entitled to legal counsel after the arrest. You should contact our office as soon as you know that you are the focus of a criminal investigation. We can advise you on the potential charges and begin preparing your defense. You need a lawyer who specializes in federal cases. We can analyze the federal government’s complaint. This is the document that lists the allegations that led to your arrest and the charges.

During your initial appearance, a federal judge will determine whether there is sufficient evidence to indict you. The judge will inform you of your rights and set your bond. A detention hearing on a later date will determine whether you should be released. Our team will assemble evidence to support your request. We must demonstrate that you are not a flight risk or a threat to the community.

During the preliminary hearing, the prosecutor must prove that there is sufficient evidence that you violated the law. Our first defense strategy is to counter the allegations and get the charges dropped. The next goal is to get the case transferred to Nevada state court if we are unable to get it dismissed. If the judge decides that there is enough probable cause, the next step in the legal process is the arraignment. During the process, there may be an opportunity to arrange a plea bargain.

An experienced attorney can assist you throughout the course of your criminal defense Las Vegas.

We will ensure that you understand each development and what to expect as the case proceeds. This will enable you to be an active participant in formulating your defense. We will mount a strong defense and produce the best results possible.