How to Handle Domestic Violence Charges in Las Vegas

Handling Domestic Violence Charges

Domestic violence prosecutions are becoming more common due to some tragic high-profile cases. The definition of domestic violence has expanded over the years so that it now includes nonviolent forms of abuse, such as psychological and emotional mistreatment. Police are often compelled to take the cautious approach and arrest the accused perpetrator when they respond to a domestic disturbance. As a result, it’s possible for someone to make a false allegation of domestic abuse in order to gain leverage in a divorce or custody hearing. If you are facing allegations of domestic violence, contact our office. You need the assistance of an experienced defense attorney Las Vegas who understands the issues and can present an aggressive defense on your behalf.

It may be possible to have the charges dropped. We will evaluate the incident and determine if the allegations are false or occurred due to an accident or self defense. Another option is to work with the prosecutor to reduce the charges. The mitigating circumstances in your case may result in the charges being reduced to a misdemeanor.
If you are convicted, we will diligently work to produce the best possible outcome. Our legal team will build a compelling case for probation and counseling instead of a prison sentence.

A domestic violence conviction will have a significant effect on your future. If you are arrested, invoke your right to counsel and hire an experienced criminal defense lawyer Las Vegas.