How to Fight a DUI in Las Vegas

How to Fight a DUI Citation

In recent years, many jurisdictions have enacted stringent driving under the influence (DUI) laws. More drivers are receiving citations and substantial fines. Many people are at risk of losing their driving licenses and spending time in jail. It’s important that you have the right legal representation if you want to dispute DUI charges. A professional attorney can analyze what transpired during your field sobriety test. There are several mitigating factors that can influence a police officer’s interpretation of the results. Bloodshot eyes can occur due to allergies, cigarette smoke or working long hours. Nervous behavior is a normal response to a traffic stop. Dental problems, speech impediments and dialects can slur a person’s speech.

A police officer must have justification to pull you over. The officer must suspect that a crime is being committed or that you have violated a traffic law, such as an improper lane change, failure to use a turn signal or speeding. Law enforcement officials must maintain proper chain of custody on any blood samples that are taken as well as other evidence. The judge will exclude the results if the officials fail to protect the integrity of the evidence.

You must immediately invoke your right to counsel if you are charged with a DUI. A professional attorney can review your case and determine how to wage an effective defense.