How to Avoid Being a Pickpocket Victim

Picketpocketing can happen anywhere, but it is especially common in Vegas casinos despite the fact that there are multiple security cameras throughout these facilities. Here’s how you can avoid becoming a victim of a pickpocketer.

Avoid checking your pockets or opening your wallet in public, as this alerts thieves as to the location of your money. Most of them don’t want to go searching for it, so they instead wait for people to show them where their wallet is. Some will even go as far as to yell into a crowd that a pickpocket is among them just so people will check for their wallets out of fear.

Men should avoid carrying their wallets in their back pockets, as it is easier for thieves to access back pockets than it is front pockets. Billfolds should be placed in sideways, and should never be left hanging out of a pocket. Women should shorten the straps of their purses so that the bag itself fits underneath the elbow. After doing so, they should keep their elbow on top of the purse to make it more difficult for someone to grab.

In some cases, it could be beneficial to carry a “mugger’s wallet” in addition to your actual wallet. You could carry a small amount of cash in one wallet and keep your credit cards and other valuables in another. In the event you are held up, you could give the “muggers wallet” to the robber and avoid having him make off with a large amount of cash.