How Potter Law Firm Handles Your Case

Scales of justice, law books and gavel over dark backgroundIf you have had charges brought against you, they can range from minor offenses or misdemeanors, to felonies. Sometimes they can even require prison time and/or fines. If you have been arrested on several charges, then there is a range of severity for each charge, which means the cases can get complicated.

The legal professionals at Potter Law Firm work directly with Cal Potter to provide their clients with the best criminal defense available. They excel on the more serious cases because Mr. Potter understands that your arrest and incarceration were one of the most difficult experiences you have had in your life, but they are here to help. You can trust that Mr. Potter will fight before the judge for the best resolution, and that your rights are important to him as well, and he will strategically and skillfully protect them.

Many people don’t understand that in a criminal defense, the attorney does not have to prove the innocence of the crime. The job of the prosecution is to prove the guilt beyond a reasonable doubt. Potter Law Firm thoroughly prepares their attorneys by gathering information in every area of your case, advising you of your rights and spending time to assure that the maximum results are achieved in every case.