How Crime Can Affect Tourism

Casino Owners fear Recent Crime Wave will Affect Tourism 

City officials are worried about the reputation of Las Vegas after some recent high-profile crimes. Even though the overall crime rate here is dropping, many fear that tourists will nonetheless be scared off by recent events because they will fear visiting the strip is too dangerous.Earlier this year, there was a car-to-car shooting that ended in a fiery automobile crash. This incident was responsible for the deaths of three people. Shortly thereafter, an elevator stabbing and a shooting at the parking lot of a movie theater also took place.

A teacher has also been arrested for killing another patron inside a casino bathroom. The murder allegedly came after the two exchanged words. Around the same time, a casino worker was arrested for killing a 10-year-old girl, and then slashing her co-worker’s face with a razor blade.

The fact that these events took place close together could have many people reconsidering a Vegas vacation. Even so, casino owners want people to know that they are taking every precaution possible to provide security on their properties so that these types of events do not continue to happen.

So far, no Vegas casinos have reported significant losses due to the recent crime wave. Those who visit this area should remain aware of their surroundings at all times in order to prevent becoming a victim.