How a Non-Profit Gives Hope to Nevada Incarcerated Inmates

Nonprofit Group provides Hope for Prisoners

A Vegas-based group is doing its part to see that former prisoners who want to change have the opportunity to do so. Hope for Prisoners is a non-profit group that helps former offenders adjust to life after incarceration in the hopes that they can help reduce recidivism.

Police say offenders often find themselves with no place to live and without a way to support themselves once they are released, and are then forced to return to a life of crime in order to survive. Hope for Prisoners founder Jon Ponder says “the majority of people really do want to change…they have no idea how to do it.”

In helping former prisoners, this group works with a number of organizations, including the Bureau of Prisons, Nevada Department of Corrections and the Nevada Department of Employment Training and Rehabilitation to find people jobs. They claims to be a leader in reentry, turning people from being “wards of the state” to productive taxpaying citizens.

Hope for Prisoners relies largely on volunteer mentors to help its program be successful. Mentors meet together on a weekly basis to discuss ideas and undergo training that will help them in their endeavors. Thus far, the group has been successful at helping hundreds of prisoners here in Nevada obtain jobs, thereby effectively reducing their odds of reentering prison.

Hope for Prisoners claims much more needs to be done to help men and women reenter society. They are currently recruiting volunteers, and also ask that anyone who could benefit from their services contact them for more information.