Home Robbing Issues

Don’t Barricade Yourself in the Home You’re Robbing!

Imagine you are coming home on a Saturday afternoon, and you see a couple of burglars carrying your possessions out of your house. You watch them for a minute as they put your belongings into their vehicle, and turn around to go pick up another load. What do you do?Las Vegas Review-Journal reported that on December 13 in the northwest valley, this is what these homeowners did. They immediately called 911, and as the burglars saw the owners, they ran back into the house. Metro Police arrived minutes later with a Swat team and crisis negotiators.

Now, it would be interesting to know what they were doing while barricaded in the home that they just robbed. Were they popping some popcorn relaxing on the sofa? Police aren’t sharing those details, but if these burglars had any smarts, they got hold of an expert criminal defense attorney that could help them get out of this mess.

The house is surrounded with nowhere for them to escape, so surrender is their only answer. In this situation, they were apprehended in three hours and behind bars in four.

Crimes of theft fall under NRS 205, and depending on the value of the items, misdemeanor penalties range from 6 months in jail and fines up to $1,000 and felony penalties range from 1-5 years with fines up to $10,000. Also, the judge can order restitution for the property.

If you have been arrested on a theft charge, you need an experienced defense lawyer who has your best interests at heart. Call Potter Criminal Defense at 702-997-1774. They have seen cases like yours before and know how to get you the best results.