Hit and Run Lawyer in Las Vegas

The legal system defines a hit and run as an incident in which one person causes damage to another person’s vehicle or property or causes an injury and flees the scene of the accident. Even if you leave a note on that person’s car, the court can still charge you with a hit and run because you did not remain on the scene or talk to a police officer.

When the court charges you with a hit and run, you risk finding the police standing on your doorstep with a warrant in hand. In Las Vegas, this type of charge comes with a high likelihood of jail time and a large fine. Here at Potter Law Offices, we want you to know that we will do whatever it takes to make this process easy and stress-free. We can:

*Examine the facts and determine if you are at fault
*Ask that the court dismiss the charges based on our findings
*Argue that you deserve a lighter sentence based on extenuating circumstances

Some of our clients faced a hit and run charge because they fled from the scene of accident after using drugs or alcohol. We can argue that you should receive a sentence of drug or alcohol rehabilitation instead of a jail sentence.

After looking at the facts in the case, we might find that the other driver is partially at fault for the accident or that other circumstances led to the accident. The only way that you can get out from under the charges you face is with a phone call to us.