Hit and Run Charges Are More Common Than You Think

car-crashCar accidents happen all the time. Despite the frequency of collisions, most people will only be involved in one or two. This means that they are particularly prone to being rattled in the moments directly following an accident, and this can lead to charges under NRS 484E.010 for hit and run.

When most people think of hit and run charges they picture a speeding driver and a vulnerable pedestrian. The reality is that hit and run charges can be brought in a multitude of different scenarios, and that a driver can be charged under NRS 484E.010 even if the accident wasn’t their fault.

Nevada law requires drivers to stay on the scene to exchange information with other involved parties and to render aid, if necessary. In some circumstances drivers may also be required to file an accident report. Failure to comply with any of these requirements may result in hit and run charges.

Potter Criminal Defense understands how disorienting the aftermath of a collision is. With their assistance it may be possible for people to keep the incident off their driving record or to have the charges against them reduced or dropped.

The practitioners at the Potter Law Offices have years of experience with offering superior legal services to people charged with hit and run. Don’t let a mistake change the course of your life. Contact the Potter Law Offices.