Hiring an Arson Lawyer in Las Vegas

A Nevada Arson Arrest can have Searing Consequences 

Section 205.030 of the Nevada Revised Statute describes arson as the “burning or aiding and abetting burning of property with intent to defraud insurer.” Included in “crimes against property”, arson is nonetheless a Category B felony that carries stiff fines and penalties for those convicted.Not only is burning a building a crime, but making preparations to do so is as well. Section 205.055 of the Nevada Revised Statute makes it a crime to make “willful preparations” towards setting fire to a building or structure is guilty of attempted arson, which is a Category D felony
.An arson conviction can net you a prison term of one to ten years and a fine of up to $10,000. Attempted arson can result in a jail sentence ranging from one to four years, and a fine of up to $5,000. In order to prove the crime of arson, prosecutors will need to show there was intent to defraud someone by this act, or that harm to a person or property was the motive. The role of a defense attorney would be to carefully question the state’s witnesses and examine their evidence in order to promote reasonable doubt in the minds of the jury.